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An Ocean of Hermès Blue

If you could have any Hermès blue, which blue would you chose?

 Shades of blue Hermès Birkins in Togo
- Hermès colors or English equivalents -
(all 35 except for BT, which is 30)

Personally - I think they're all beautiful!

Honestly, these photographs are not perfectly true representations of these blues in real living color. If anything, these colors are richer, brighter, and livelier in person, as photography and photo editing often lightens, dulls, and/or washes out these highly saturated blues. Alternatively, Hermès leather swatches often fail to do justice to these colors under boutique lighting. Nevertheless, without a doubt, all of these blues are scrumptious and irresistible in person!

Note: All Birkins above are included below w/links to more photos. In some cases, there was a limited pool of authentic listings, available.

More: Examples of how Hermès blues are chameleon colors, here - my Hermès Constance in Blue Jean and here - my Hermès Birkin in Bleu de Galice.

See also: Blue Pick Me Up from Hermès - with more images of Hermès blues, including selections of blues for 2013 from Hermè (Not surprisingly, the Jigé in Bleu Thalassa in my "Blue Pick Me Up" collage appears quite different on Hermè - than the Bleu Thalassa Birkin in the collage above, from eBoutique on eBay.)

 Hermès Blues 101

There are a lot of Hermès blues!! All of them beautiful. Many of them seasonal. Of all the blues available (not just the ones on the chart above), some are limited to small leather goods and/or exotic leathers, while others are available in non-exotic leather handbags. Meanwhile... there are many blues that are introduced every year, that are actually older colors that have simply been reissued. In these cases, I've simply omitted these blues from the list of new blues (e.g. Bleu Ocean and Bleu Saphir are reissued blues for 2013).

Disclaimer: I am by no means an Hermès expert! However, I did my best to research all that I could about all the shades of blue in my Birkin chart. Nevertheless, I apologize in advance if I've made any errors. :p

Blues, pre-2010
  • Ciel, a new blue for 2009. Birkin 35 Togo Ciel w/PHW - (SOLD)
  • Blue Jean, a "classic" Hermes blue (earliest reference I found was pre-2005). Birkin 35 Togo Blue Jean w/GHW - (SOLD)
  • Bleu Cobalt (earliest reference I found was pre-2006): Birkin 35 Togo Bleu Cobalt w/PHW - Ciro's Closet on ($17,999 + $400 SH = $18,399. Seller is located in SPAIN.) Also: Here.
  • Bleu de Prusse, a new blue for 2008. Birkin 35 Togo Bleu de Prusse w/PHW - (SOLD)
  • Bleu Thalassa, a re-released color (in 2008) & darker-deeper-brighter than older issues of Bleu Thalassa. Birkin 35 Togo Bleu Thalassa w/PHW - eBoutique on eBay ($17,500 + $150 S&H = $17,650)
  • There are so many blues not included in the chart above! Here are a few popular ones: Bleu Brighton (new for 2006/2007), Bleu Saphir, Bleu Roi, Bleu Marine, Bleu Iris, Navy, Midnight Blue, etc. Bleu Paon & Lagon: both new blues for 2008. Bleu Abysse: a new blue for 2009/2010.

New blues for 2011

New blues for 2012

New blues for 2013

Also, L'ecrin Boutique (located in Japan), has created a beautiful comprehensive color chart with links to leather goods, featured in represented colors. Although they explain that it is difficult to accurately represent Hermès colors online, their chart is still useful as it represents a dizzying array of colors from the Hermès rainbow. :p

Note: Scroll all the way down to the bottom - or click here: "Leather Variations" - to read a useful (although, not comprehensive) "handbook" by L'ecrin, which demystifies the myriad of leathers used in Hermès leather goods. Happy reading!


Addendum: Hermès Birkins Online

In my humble estimation, all of the photos used in the Birkin chart above originate from listings that reference authentic photos of Birkins. However, I'm most confident of the listings that feature large, crisp, and very detailed high resolution images. Cursory searches on the sellers above however, reveal a lack of visible feedback (often a result of private transactions) or conflicting buyer experiences, with the majority being positive. Nevertheless, please thoroughly research a seller and consider using a free or professional authentication service prior to purchasing an Hermès Birkin online.

Although I do not personally recommend nor endorse purchasing an Hermès Birkin online via extortionist re-seller (i.e. 50% - 200% over current retail) - generally speaking - when researching Birkin purchases online: beware of poor quality images (i.e. details are unclear or photos are overexposed), questionable seller feedback (i.e. feedback reflects inexperience selling expensive Hermès accessories or there is a lack of feedback, visible or otherwise), private listings, and payment requirements for "wire transfer only". All of these conditions pose potential risks for online buyers, of differing degrees.

For your own edification, here's an online guide to authenticating an Hermès Birkin - Authentication Summary - from The Vintage Contessa. Although not comprehensive, it is sufficient for ruling out many obvious fakes. Here's another authentication guide - from SandiaExchange on eBay. (Note: although not disclosed as such, the color chart provided, appears to be a copy of L'ecrin's color chart.) Needless to say, clever counterfeits duplicate many of the hallmarks of authentic Birkins, whereas authentic Birkins may not possess hallmarks deemed critical by numerous online authentication guides. So, buyer beware!

Also bear in mind that the listings above, which correspond to the Birkin chart above, reflect markups of varying degrees, as the current retail (in 2013) for an Hermès Birkin 35 in Togo is less than $11,000 USD . Moreover, used Birkins are also typically priced above both the original retail and the current retail. Although occasionally, Hermès Birkins listed below current retail (typically 10%-30%) are in like new condition, more often than not, they exhibit notable and/or significant wear issues.

If you're not already well familiar with Hermès, consider reading one or more of the following:

Good luck!!

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